Medical Weight Loss Plans for Women

We Understand Your Needs.

For some women, problems with extra weight have been around since childhood. For others, the problem has been a gradual increase in pounds over the years, often spiked by events such as pregnancy or emotional trauma. Whatever the cause, women who want to lose a few pounds have the same goals: medically sound, predictable loss of weight that stays off for good.

That’s why we created Thinique™.

Thinique™ is the medically-supervised, non-surgical weight loss program that melts away your extra pounds while under the care of medical professionals. No lap bands. No invasive surgical procedures. Instead, we offer an affordable, medWoman Receiving Skinny Shot from Medical Weight Loss Physicianically sound weight management service that can help you shed pounds and transition into a much more healthy lifestyle.

We guide you in food selections, portion control, and exercise. Most importantly, we help you break through those occasional weight plateaus that can temporarily impede your progress–our patients love this!

Thinique Plans for Women: True Peace of Mind

Don’t risk your health by running from diet fad to diet fad. That’s dangerous. Instead, let us teach you a lifelong style of eating that will shed pounds quickly and safely.

Our program for women involves two phases: first, the Acute Phase, where we help you get to a healthy weight and body fat percentage, and the Maintenance Phase, where we give you the tools, resources and knowledge to keep the weight off for good!

Your first appointment may take up to 60 minutes, which tells you just how comprehensive this in-depth program really is.

The bottom line is that Thinique™ works.

*NOTE: Results will vary for each patient depending on the patient’s medical history and level of compliance with our program which includes, among other things, nutrition and exercise counseling.

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