FAQs: Thinique Medical Weight Loss

What is unique about the Thinique™ medical weight loss program?
Thinique™ is a medically-supervised program, meaning a board-certified medical doctor monitors your treatment. Most other weight loss programs are a “one size fits all” approach that ignore your individual medical history, nutritional needs or other physical challenges (such as diabetes, low testosterone, allergies, vitamin deficiencies, etc.). At Thinique, we take all of those elements into consideration as we treat you as our patient. Thinique combines a high protein diet along with proven medical therapy and a support system of highly qualified and trained medical professionals.
What makes your program successful?
Our proprietary diet combined with the support and medical therapy cannot be compared to any program out there, and the Thinique individual support system helps patients stick to the program. All of these factors, plus low, affordable prices and high quality products, are the main reasons behind our very fast growing success.
Why is the maintenance portion of your program so important?
During the maintenance phase of our medically monitored program, we guide our patients in making diet and lifestyle changes so they can keep the weight off long term. We act as your companion on the journey to weight loss, as well as your cheering section. This encourages you to stay on the maintenance portion of the program until it becomes an innate part of your lifestyle.
Is your program medically monitored?
Yes. Our medical director is a board-certified physician and the rest of our team is made up of nurse practitioners and medical assistants who assist the patient through the process as well. Patients are monitored closely on a weekly basis.
How does someone deal with cravings or withdrawals?
If indicated by the individual patient’s situation, we can provide natural appetite suppressants or prescriptions for FDA approved appetite suppressants, vitamin injections, supplements and weekly support to assist our patients with their cravings.
How long does the program last?
It varies. Our program is individualized and specific to each patient.
Is this program affordable?
Yes, compared to other programs available in this area, we find it to be one of the most affordable options available.
Must patients meet criteria to qualify for this program?
Yes. To ensure that our patients are solid candidates for our program, we perform an EKG, mini physical, run lab tests, and take a complete health history on every patient’s first visit.
Are people generally happy with the results of this program?
We have literally thousands of happy patients. Our patients maintain their new weight as long as they continue with the lifestyle changes they have made during the program. Over half of our business comes from referrals, which is a great testimony to the success of our program.
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